About Kalki: Photography Business Coach

Greetings Photographer,

My Name is Kalki Gillespie and I’m a “Photography Business Coach.” I help photographers grow their business to the point where they can enjoy life. But I wasn’t always an expert in marketing a photography business…

kalki photography business coach
This is me back when I was a photographer.

My Story: How I became a Photography Business Coach.

Let’s start at the beginning…I was born on a crisp October day, many years ago. My father named me Kalki because he’s a bit of a hippy and its a Hindu name.

I got rapidly advancing brain cancer when I was three years old.  They shot radioactive rays into my brain, and when that didn’t work, they cut open my skull and wrestled that cancer right on out.

Bingo, no more cancer. And as a result I think differently than anyone else I know.

(The radioactive rays and surgery are probably unrelated.)

I got my first camera, an old hunk of metal, when I was 7 years old and I haven’t stop taking pictures to this day. And yet I no longer call myself a photographer….

I’m a failed photographer.

I still have the same passion for the photographic image that I had when I though I was going to make a career out of photography, but it is tucked away into some hidden crevice of my soul. To me it is always a tragedy when somebody abandons what they love.

Fortunately for me I found another passion that rivals my love of photography:


After five years of doing marketing consulting for small businesses and reflecting on my failures as a photographer I realized something profound and disappointing.

I could have been a very successful photographer; if only I knew all of the marketing secrets that I know now.

So I decided to help photographers avoid the same loss I went through. I decided to specialize in marketing consulting for photographers. I became a photography business coach.

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